Saturday, April 30, 2011

New haircut and fun with dogs

About once a year I get sick of my long hair and decide to chop it off. Well here it is!

Cool girl Caroline
It was family day the North Park's baseball game so we decided to go and cheer them on

Then we had a BQQ at a friends place.  They have a dog that Caroline and Addison had a lot of fun with.

They also loved the doggie bed

Next up...meeting my new niece Naomi Linnea.  Pictures to come soon!!!!!

Fun Times

Here are just some randoms and some pictures from some playtime with Addison and Caroline's friend Ainsley.

A new twist on a pull-up

I think it is funny how I happen to have all these pictures of them "working out."  Caroline looks so long in this picture!

Caroline being silly

Caroline watching a train go by.  She actually has great balance but don't worry, I don't let her do this often.

Fun with their bookcase.  Caroline is definitely catching up with her ability to climb things.

Our friends were over last night with their daughter Ainsley who is 7 months younger than A & C.  It was fun to see them interact because it was the first time that all of them had been together since Ainsley started crawling.  I see a great friendship budding :)

She is too cute.  Look at those eye lashes!!  I love this girl :)

Learning to share very early on

Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

I admit it, I woke up at 4:30am in order to watch the royal wedding. I have to say, I am very happy to have done that instead of taping it and watching it later. I loved knowing that I was watching it live and it just seemed so magical. A real life fairytale. I could not imagine being Kate and knowing that when you left Westminster Abbey that you would be a part of the royal family. That is crazy. It was a joy to watch and I am thankful that it was so public.

How beautiful was her dress!

While I was alone physically watching this wedding before the sun came up I was not totally alone.  I loved that my friend Stacy was also awake and watching in CA so we were texting back and forth throughout the ceremony.  Also, Addison and Caroline were up by the time they appeared on the balcony.  I confess, I made sure they watched the tv when this happened and that they waved at the couple.  I wanted them to be able to say some day that they watched that part even though I am sure they will not remember it :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baptism and Easter

Nolan Evenhouse, my cousin Jenny and Kevin's little boy, was baptised on Easter. Can you think of a better day to be baptised!  He was the ideal baptism baby and a joy to watch as this significant step in his faith was taken.

I think he was playing airplane during Pastor Pete's blessing.  He is too cute :)

And here are Addison and Caroline's Easter dresses!  These dresses had less pieces than their Christmas dresses but there were more details to get right.  They are not perfect but they turned out well.

I chose this pattern for 2 reasons.  The first was this neckline.

The second was for the twist the straps make in the back.

Here they are in their dresses giving each other an Easter morning hug :)  Caroline is in the yellow one and Addison is in the green one.  Even though I made these dresses the smallest size available they are still big on them.  That only means that they will get to wear them for a while!



Snacks at the very same table that Linnea and Jenny used to eat at growing up at my Grandma and Grandpa's house.

The man of the hour, Nolan.  Cousins playing :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Enjoying the Weather...a couple weeks ago

A couple weeks ago there were several days in a row that were just beautiful and warm. It was great to get a taste of spring before it went downhill once more. We definitely took advantage of the great weather while we could!

Swinging in Linnea and Cam's backyard

Swinging with Gwen.  Not sure about that smile from her though!


Exploring the flowers

A perfect ride for 2

Spider with a very pregnant Linnea and Sonja

Gwen entertaining Addison, Caroline and Ellie at dinner time

At Brookfield zoo in the goat petting area

Caroline LOVED the goats which really surprised me.  She would follow the goats around even though they were 2 feet taller than her and would go straight to their heads.  That of course made me a bit nervous since I did not want her to lose a finger.

Addison was a bit more timid.  Here she is finally reaching down to touch this one after watching Caroline pet it for a while.

Addison watching the sheep

Caroline doing push-ups with daddy

Caroline has been giving kisses a lot more than usual these days.  She even gives kisses to Addison!  Although, I am not sure how special this is since she randomly kissed my knee this morning.  Still cute.

For our cousins get together I made these chocolate dipped cookie dough balls.  YUMMY!

I added some white chocolate to make them pretty

Relaxin having some milk

A picture by Caroline.  We are now at the point where I can't pull out the camera before she is storming towards me ready to take it out of my hands.

More working out.  Addison lifting weights

They love necklaces.  I got this picture as she was running towards me for the camera.