Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy "Diamond" Birthday and Decorating

I am a bit behind....

My mom's birthday this year was on 10/10/10! She has been calling this her "diamond" birthday for a while now. We had fun celebrating this special 10/10/10 b-day.

We gave her 10 2 liter bottles of pepsi.  For those who know my mom, this was a perfect gift!  We all brought one out to her one by one.

Here she is with her diamond present from my dad, an opal and diamond necklace.  Good job catching on to her hints :)

Just a random picture of Caroline.  She loves putting this in her mouth because it has a hole in the bottom and makes a whistling noise when she breathes in and out of it.

Finally I am pretty much done with the girls room!  It took some good motivation (Scott's b-day weekend) to finally get this done.  In this picture you can see the curtains I made as well as the corner shelf with the cute flower light.  There is one on the other side too of course and when they are both lit it gives the room this purplish pink hue.  Total girls room.

I got this idea from a house my Grandma told me about on a house walk about hanging clothes as decoration.  I thought their preemie clothes would be perfect for this and I LOVE how it looks.  It is also a reminder of how small they were which I just can't believe looking at these clothes.  So cute.
At this point there is only one little blank area on a wall that I might hang their dresses from their baptism or keep empty and wait for some art projects to hang.  Otherwise, I am so happy with their room now.  I love hanging out in there with them so much more.

This is how we normally find them in the morning now that they are experts at standing.  They have so much fun with each other already!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Goebbert's Farm

Elsa and I headed over to Goebbert's Farm last Friday. It is a great place with lots of fall activities including a random travelling zoo. I was just happy that the girls were old enough to enjoy it more. It makes me really excited for the zoo next spring. All though, with the travelling zoo you are able to get so close it almost make it better. Almost.

It is crazy to think that only a year ago at this time Linnea and I were posing for a pregnant/pumpkin comparison picture.  Now look at them :)

I am so lucky to have these girls in my life!

Mama and baby giraffe

One of the piglets came over to say hi

Elsa had Caroline and she enjoyed looking at the animals.  I held Addison and she was brave enough to stick her hand out to touch some of the animals.  I of course did not let her because who knows what would happen with her little fingers but it was interesting to me that she did this considering that just weeks ago she was afraid of big dogs.  Go figure.

Llama and no, they did not spit at us.

Monkey eating a pumpkin

This was the most random animal there in my opinion....a water buffalo.  Now I have the veggie tales song stuck in my head.  If you don't know what I am talking about you should look it up because it is cute. 

I got them these little perfect sized pumpkins.  Adorable.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Fun

At the beginning of the month I got the girls their next car seats.  I was trying it out with Caroline and Addison came over to see what was going on.

So what do you do with the big box that the car seat came in?  You have fun with it of course!  Here is Addison looking so small in the huge box.

Just putting them into the box is not as much fun as using it as a tunnel!!

The perfect size for two :)

And what do you do when you buy things in twos and have another big box?  Well, you make it into a bigger tunnel with a turn!

Addison and Caroline have so much fun in their tunnel.  I love that they just go in and play on their own too.  They even bring toys in there with them.

Caroline loves her daddy

Addison is a pro at standing up on things and now she is pro at getting herself down.  yeah!  Caroline gets herself up on some things now but has not figured out getting down.

At the park.  Since we don't have stairs I was trying to practice with Addison on these cute little ones.  Just her size :)

They love to sit and play in the wood chips

This slide is great.  It is so gradual that the girls can slide down on their own!  They love it.

Scott made sure the girls were watching the no hitter playoff game.

Friday, October 08, 2010

10 Months!

Addison and Caroline are 10 months old today! We are so close to them being 1 which is just crazy to me. They continue to be a joy to be around all day. At 10 months they are both experts in crawling. It turns out that we have a great condo for babies. We shut our bedroom door as well as the bathroom door and they really can roam around as they please. We even have a nice sized space for them to have a play area in our main room which currently includes an L shaped tunnel that they love to play in. I have noticed that now that they are crawling and have more independence they choose to stick together most of the time. I think it is great that they are buddies and love to play and laugh with each other. Addison continues to be slightly ahead of Caroline physically. She is a pro at standing up on things now and will even walk on her own with a toy she can push. Caroline continues to be laid back and is just starting to care enough to stand up on lower objects. Addison has 2 teeth and Caroline still has 1. They could have more but they don't let me check so I don't really know they have new teeth until I can see them.  I would like to report that the shortest length of hair is about half an inch which seams long to us!  It is as long as an inch on some parts of their head.  This is major progress in the hair department but since it is so light you can barely tell it is that long unless you are close to their heads.  In the sun and some other light it has a tint of red.  I think we have blue eyed, strawberry blondies on our hands.  They continue to babble and talk to each other like crazy but still no official words yet.

Fun with my ladies

I may or may not be the one who put these cheerios on Caroline's face :)

Caroline's a rock star!

Addison now likes to grab the camera when I take a close picture

Playing together on their lion toy



This is also something Addison can do, climb up on lower objects.  These are the drawers and doors for the buffet I painted.  Don't worry, the paint is dry.

This is just about the only thing that can still cause Caroline to fall over.  I can see why she could lose her balance.  From trying to imitate her I discovered I can still do that too!

We often find Addison standing in her crib these days.  She just needs to learn how to get herself down now.

I look forward to the 11 month post to reminice about what they have accomplished over the past month.  They are growing too quickly!

Monday, October 04, 2010

A boy in the family??

This post is overdue.  After many girls born to the Wallgren family we are very excited to have Nolan Scott Evenhouse join us!! He was born on September 23rd and was 7 pounds and 6 ounces. He is just perfect.  Congrats Jenny and Kevin!!!

Nolan and the new mommy, Jenny

The view from their room.  Not bad!

Look at that hair!  My girls are jealous.

Proud daddy Kevin

Before we left for the hospital I wanted to see if Addison and Caroline could draw something for their new 2nd cousin.  As you can see it did not go so well.  More marker definitely got on themselves than the paper.  Oh well, some day.  I tried.