Monday, March 29, 2010


Last week I took Addison and Caroline to Florida to stay with my grandparents. We drove down there (24 hours each way) with my parents while Scott stayed home to work. The girls did surprisingly well on the way down there but not so much on the way back. An example is when I had to high tail it out of McDonalds with both of them and a women stopped me to ask if I needed any help. I must have looked desperate but I just wanted to get out of there (my parents were there helping me out but the girls were beyond help). I ate cold pancakes that morning :( Oh well. Overall, the trip was nice but we could have had warmer weather (it was basically the same in Chicago that week) and the week in general kind of stressed me out more than relaxing me. I was happy though that my grandparents and parents were able to see a side of Addison and Caroline that they don't normally get to see and that is their happy/smiley side.

Caroline looking a bit nervous about this roadtrip

Now she's having fun!

My favorite parts of the roadtrip...when they were sleeping!

I got these swimming suits thinking it was going to be warmer.  I put them in their suits the first day but it was never warm enough to go swimming :(

Man, were these girls a hit!  I guess it is no surprise at a place where most of the residents are retired.

Showing Caroline the Ocean for the first time!

Showing Addison the Ocean for the first time!

My grandparents spent a lot more time on the floor than they usually do.

Playing Skip-bo

Me and my little ladies :)

It was pretty windy every day if you can't tell by their expressions

Down at the pool with Mor Mor

Mornings with Grandpa!  My dad said his favorite part of the week was getting up every morning and helping me feed them.  My girls are definitely morning people!  Who would have thought.  They are always so happy when they first get up.  I love it!

Our last night there was a gorgeous sunset.  A great way to end the week.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seperated :(

The girls are now in seperate cribs. We went to Florida last week (pictures will be posted soon) but right before we left I found them like this:

As you can see, they are starting to move around a bit more. So I decided that when we came home that we would have them start sleeping in seperate cribs. I have to admit that I was a little sad to do this but they seem fine to be on their own. Plus, now they don't whack each other when trying to fall asleep or wake the other one up which certainly helps. So here they are after waking up from a nap in their own cribs.


Side note: does anyone know what is wrong with the picture settings at the top?  I can't seem to get the picture to be smaller and I don't know what changed.  I even tried going back to the previous picture that I used in the title section and it is big now too so the blog settings changed at some point.   Also, I can't find any settings that would change the picture size and selecting the "shrink to fit" box does not change anything either.  If anyone knows how to fix it let me know.  Thanks!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Finally, Warmer Weather!

Addison and Caroline are 3 months old today! I really can't believe it. They are both very smiley girls (mostly in the am) and I often find them smiling and cooing when I get them up in the morning. They have many "talking" noises including a fake cough that I love. Scott and I are enjoying them sleeping for up to 8.5 hours at night!! They are not that fun to be around during the hours of 5pm and 6pm where they can get pretty fussy but we know they will not be like this forever so we look forward to them growing out of it. Otherwise, things are going great and I am enjoying all the time I get with these cuties :)

I have been going on walks with the girls whenever the temperature reaches 40 degrees but that had not happened over the weekend until this past one so Scott was able to join us :)

Here they are in their snow cute are they!

Needless to say, we got a lot of looks and more people wondering if they are dolls (we get that a lot still)
I was able to capture both of them looking towards the camera when "talking" finally

Here are some failed attempts

Sonja helping by rocking Addison
Gwen trying to hold Addison on her shoulder
I tried to capture the moment but apparently the girls were not fans of it
I like this one because Addison looks like she is kissing Gwen