Sunday, December 30, 2012

Catching Up...August

Now that the holidays are over I can get back to catching up the blog.  Here is what we were up to last August.
Addison and Caroline "pretending" to sleep in our bed.

A chipmunk was busy eating a cicada just outside our back door so Addison and Caroline loved watching it.

The chipmunk was so focused that it did not care how close they were to it.

They saw me filing my nails one day and wanted to file each other's nails.  Here is Addison taking care of Caroline's finger nails.

And here is Caroline taking care of Addison's toe nails.  They definitely like girly things.

This is what they do in their room when they are bored after their nap.  Thankfully this is not a usual activity.  Addison is in her bed trying to look innocent.

Caroline being goofy

When we went to Seattle we painted their nails to help out the babysitters identify them.  Caroline was in red and Addison was in pink.  They also love getting their nails painted.
Addison being goofy
Next up...our trip to Seattle!  Stay tuned.