Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Got Some Snow

I am sure most of you have heard of the 3rd biggest blizzard that we had here in Chicago a week and half ago. If you have not, I am not sure how you missed it because it was pretty major. 

It started on a Tuesday afternoon.  Here we are watching the snow as it started to fall.  I guess Caroline was more interested in watching Addison.  People as us all the time if they have different personalities, here is an example of one little thing, Addison does not mind hats or hoods on her head and Caroline takes it off ASAP.

The are some pictures from around our place

This is the side of our building.  Normally there is a sidewalk in front of our cars but it was buried under 2 feet of snow.

Poor car.  Bad idea to park on the street that night.

The front of the building.  The snow drift was about 4-5 feet.

A view from our front door

We had to drag the girls out there.  They were not so thrilled about putting on the snow suits but they were fine once we were out there.

They did not care much about being out there and it was actually pretty windy still.  They just sat right on top of 2 feet of snow and barely sank into it.



Scott showing both of them snow.  They were at least interested enough to hold out their hand and touch it.

We are looking forward to next winter when they will find playing in snow a bit more fun.  Of course we are looking more forward to spring, summer and fall first :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last Half of January

I have started this post at least 3 times and have had various issues each time. Finally, here it is...

Having fun in a hammock Cam put up in their basement.

Linnea and Sonja

Me and my ladies

Sweet Sonja

A bit of a sore subject now but this was the morning of the playoff game with the packers.  We started out by watching the superbowl shuffle.

This has to be the best hat I have seen, a cheese grater.  Very clever

I am the worst at getting a good picture of the fly by.  Here it is....this is one of my better ones.

It actually was not too cold during the first half since the sun was shining.  The second half was a different story but at least the game was more exciting at that point which helped.

Walking to the El after the game.  I love when the buildings show their support.

A little birthday pizza!

Lately Addison and Caroline have been talking on the phone a lot.


I tried to wait as long as possible to let them attempt to feed themselves with utensils but I thought it was time to let them start practicing.  Needless to say, meal time is a bit messier now.


And this is how it usually ends

Lunch time at playgroup.  Lots of kids come which make it a lot of fun.  I especially love the little section to the left of Addison, Caroline and Ellie who barely see over the table.