Friday, October 30, 2009

31 Week Update

Look, I'm still pregnant!! And boy do I look it!

Well there is not much to report other than some new numbers which is a good thing. I had a Dr. appt this past Monday and as of then I had not dilated more than 1cm so that is great. The bed rest is working. I was measuring 38 weeks so I will soon reach and surpass a full term single pregnancy measurement.

I had an ultrasound last week on Wednesday and Baby A was 2lbs 10oz and Baby B was 3lbs 2oz. They are right on target for that week! This past Tuesday I had a fluid check and everything looked good. Currently Baby A is head down like he/she has always been and Baby B was across the top (transverse) with his/her head on my left side. Not sure how B managed to get into that position considered prior to that B was head down on my right side. Position at this point is important because I was told that around 32 weeks is when they will most likely stay in their positions until birth. I am really really really hoping to not have a C-section so it will be interesting to see where they are at my ultrasound next Tuesday. As long as Baby A stays head down there is a good chance of delivering normally. I'm crossing my fingers!!!

There really is not much more to report. When I was put on bed rest I thought the time would go by slowly and that I would get bored a couple weeks into it. Well, I am now starting my 3rd week and not only has the time gone by quickly but I am not bored! I hope to keep this up for another 4 weeks. Thanks to everyone who has come by or checked in with me. That is partially why it is not so bad! Keep the visits coming!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

A year ago Linnea was pregnant with Sonja and we took a picture where I held a pumpkin in front of my stomach at Wagner Farm. This year, since I am pregnant we made plans to go back to Wagner Farm to take the same picture in reverse but since I was put on bedrest we could not take the picture as planned. So instead Linnea bought a pumpkin and we took the picture at my Grandparents house before my family shower. I don't have the original but I can't wait to put the pictures side by side.

A couple days later I had an ultrasound at a hospital near my Grandparents so I went over there afterwards to hang out and do my bedrest in a different location. When Sonja was taking her nap Gwen and Linnea carved the pumpkin.
Making the face for Linnea to carve
Writing her name on the back

I love this picture because Gwen was on the phone with Cam saying "You serious Clark?"

Playing with leaves

Then we went to the basement to watch tv

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I had a bunch of cute pictures of Sonja so I thought I would share.

Here she is at church playing behind the sanctuary door.

We were at corner bakery with the family and I had brought pop rocks for Gwen. We decided to see if Sonja would like them. She did!!!

Then we decided to see if she would like lemons like her big sister. I don't think she is going to be a lemon lover like Gwen.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!!!!!

Today is Scott's 29th birthday!!! One more year until the big 3-0. He is an amazing husband and will be an even more amazing father!

Tonight to celebrate he picked up a Lou Malnati's pizza and we are watching Gremlins! I have not seen this movie for so long.

Last weekend we had a dinner birthday party at his mom's house. I made the dessert...chocolate football cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream frosting. So yummy and my second attempt at decorating cupcakes. I was rushed so again, I thought they could have been better.

Goal posts made of melted white chocolate chips

The footballs and my second attempt at making brown frosting. I need to keep practicing that one.

The finished product! Go Bears and happy birthday Scott!!!!

29 week update

With more ultrasounds come more pictures :) Here are a few of my favorite.

Baby B: looks like we might have a thumb sucker

Baby B's feet

Baby A's profile. So cute!

Well there has been an interesting, but not unexpected, turn of events. I had my regular Dr. appt this past Monday. The stats are that I have gained 16 pounds (that is total pregnancy weight gain) and I am measuring 34cm so that is 5 1/2 weeks ahead. Every visit I get checked for dilation and so far I have not been dilated...until now. It was discovered that I am dilated 1cm. While I am not shocked because it is to be expected and completely normal with twins at this point of the pregnancy I was still hoping this would not have started this early. So my Dr. sent me down to the labor and delivery unit where I laid in bed while being monitored for contractions for over 3 hours. I actually was never told whether I was having contractions or not (I am guessing not) but everything was fine and I was able to leave.
On Wednesday I had my regular ultrasound appt with the specialist. This was the one where they check the amniotic fluid levels and everything looked good. The tech ended up calling my OB and it was decided that because I was already dilating that I should spend the rest of my pregnancy on bed rest. I was told I could go to work the rest of the day to wrap things up but it was to be my last day. I was definitely not sad to hear that! I wrapped things up at work and feel good about how I left them. Since I knew it was a good possibility I would be put on bed rest at some point I had already spent a lot of time doing such things as writing procedures and organizing everything that I was responsible for. It is definitely weird to know that I am done working a 9-5 desk job but it is a much welcomed change.
Bed rest is really not that bad. Of course I say this at the beginning of it. I have put off a bunch of projects that I knew would be good to do on bed rest just in case. It is also not as restrictive as it could be. I can get up and down to use the bathroom, take a shower, get food, go up and down stairs occasionally, drive to appts and so on. I also don't have to be lying down all the time. I can be sitting up in a reclined position with my feet up too. I now have weekly Dr. appts, weekly ultrasounds and I plan on going to church still so that is 3 times a week that I will be out and have a change of scenery. Also, my ultrasounds are at Glenbrook hospital which is just down the street from my Grandparents where my sister, brother-in-law and nieces happen to live right now so I plan on hanging out there for a while every week. It is funny to me when people feel sorry for me because of being put on bed rest but really I am happy to have this time to refresh myself and rest. I know that my life will be so chaotic when the babies are born that I am truly trying to soak in this time of peace.
So I hope that this bed rest will keep the babies cooking until at least Thanksgiving. If we can make it beyond then that would be even better! So please pray that the babies keep on growing and it really is easy so far being on bed rest because I know I am doing the best thing I can be doing for them.

So here the 3 of us are at 29 weeks and 1 day....every day counts!!!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

IKEA Sunday

Well this is the nursery so far. Not much there so far but believe me, it is definitely an accomplishment to see this room so empty. That was half the battle.

A couple weeks ago my family came over after church for the Bears game, the season premiere of Desperate Housewives and to help us put together furniture. Everyone helped out and it was much appreciated!!

Even Gwen found something she could help with.

Baby Shower!!

So I am a bit behind on my post....what can I say, I have been tired lately.

A couple weekends ago my friends threw me a shower. Thank you Annie and Leah!!! The best present was when Britta showed up!!!!!! She flew in from Seattle to surprise me and it was the best surprise ever! It was so great to see her even if it was for only a day.

The first part of the shower was at our place for pizza, drinks and presents. The second part was at Arlington Park where we had fun at the races. It was a great shower and big thanks to everyone who came!!

Don't worry, Gwen is not choking herself...just another funny face.

I love Sonja's pointing phase. She loved pointing at the horses.

After Arlington Park some of us went to dinner. A great way to end the day.