Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of November

This is what we were up to the second half of November and beginning of December...

Playing Ring Around the Rosie together.  It is pretty humorous to watch this.

We had a fun playdate with Ainsley one morning

Addison playing dress-up


It was so great to have them over and spend some time together with our kids when it was not for a birthday party or some other get-together.  Also, A & C were loving their hats for some reason that morning.

At the park playing with bubbles...they love bubbles!

Grandpa and Addison

Caroline having her baby pray.  Too cute!

Addison like to help Scott with his tea

We held a Thanksgiving dinner for Scott's family the weekend before Thanksgiving because his mom was going to to be working on the actual day.  An overall success for our first time hosting Thanksgiving!  I felt like such a grown up :)  Of course though I only took pictures of the table.  Go figure.

Christmas tree shopping at Home Depot the day after Thanksgiving has become our tradition.  This was the first time we brought Addison and Caroline with us and they had a great time!

The Lucia breakfast/program was at the beginning of December.  I once again sold caramel at the boutique afterwards and had more success than last year!!  In fact, I received so many big orders because of it that my holiday season was a bit more busy than normal this year.  It was great to have more business and having people say they were looking forward to my caramels.

The Lucia program.  Sonja is actually the last one there walking up to her spot.  I love how much this program has grown since my days of being in the Lucia court.  Fun times!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Picture Failures

As you can imagine, it can take a few pictures in order to get a good one with both Addison and Caroline looking at the camera and possibly one of them smiling. I will take what I can get! The funny thing is that the picture we ended up using was a set-up that Addison and Caroline created on their own. Nothing was posed. It was just what they were doing at the time. Go figure.  Here is only a fraction of the pictures we did not use.

Set-up 1: Across the street from my parents house is the community house.  Behind it is this beautiful scenery.  There are a lot of wedding receptions that happen back there and I can see why.

Set-up 2: Playing with leaves in my parents backyard

(we considered this one)

Set-up 3: At church in the sanctuary

(we considered this one too)

This is the set-up Addison and Caroline created.

The Winner!

Picnic with Daddy

It is time to play some catch-up on this blog. I am beyond overdue! November and December have been very busy for me, for good and fun reasons, but busy nonetheless.

Scott took Addison and Caroline on a picnic lunch at the park early November. They had a great time and it gave me the alone time to get some things done. Addison and Caroline love spending time time with their dad!


Addison in back and Caroline in front




Addison again

Addison in back and Caroline in

Monday, November 21, 2011


We had a great Halloween this year! Addison and Caroline were hula girls. Their costumes came straight from Hawaii...thanks mom and dad! I had a whole other costume lined up and purchased but as soon my parents gave us the hula outfits I could not resist. It was a great night :)  They got a lot of candy that we (mom and dad) got to enjoy :)  This might be the only year that happens!

Dressed and ready to go!

Our first stop was at my Aunt and Uncle's who live just down the street from us.  My cousin Jenny was there with her son Nolan.  Cutest bat I've ever seen :)


This was the best picture with them.  Oh well.

Next stop was Cam and Linnea's to go trick or treating.  Here is Sonja as Darth Vader.  It was her idea.  Love it!

Gwen as a snow princess tap dancer (I think I got that right)

Naomi...can you get any cuter?

Cam as a doctor

Caroline has her bag and is ready to go!

Trick or treat

Addison had her bag like this the whole time.

I have Caroline (big surprise) and Linnea has Addison


Our last stop was my parents house to say a quick hello and to let them see Addison and Caroline in the hula costumes they got for them.  I have great memories of stopping over at my grandparents house on Halloween when I was little that we had to do that as well.  I love traditions :)