Friday, May 30, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I have always said that I would be better at updating this blog more often when I lived at a place with Internet. Well, now and I do and I am still not better. I have come to the conclusion that I am just a busy person. So here are some updates on what has been going on with me over the last month....

1. I have moved back home with the parents. Yikes! While I am enjoying the monetary side of this move the rest will take a little more time to get used to. The first week was hard but last weekend I put up my own bed so I have been sleeping better and I have been able to move around my stuff a little more so that I can actually get to things. Next step is to actually really unpack.

2. Things are progressing in the wedding planning part of my life. Reception place...check! Wedding dress....check! Florist...check! Photographer....check! DJ.....check! So the big things are out of the way and now comes the slow down time. However, I plan to get my invitations done during this down time so that I can stay on top of things. Word of advice, if you are ever planning a wedding get married in January. Everyone is available and cheaper. Plus, you basically get all custom packages that are better than the regular ones offered for the same or cheaper price. So far, wedding planning has been great with no disappointments....yet.
3. Scott was baptised at church on May 4th and also became a member! It was a great service and a great day. His family came out for it so that was also special for them to take part in the special day and see our church. I makes me happy to say our church and not just my church :) Something also special was that Art Nelson baptised him. He also baptised me as a baby 26 years before on the same weekend! How often does that happen! Something else that was special was that my Grandpa from Rockford happened to be in town the same weekend so he was able to be a part of everything as well! We then went to lunch afterwards and it was the first time my family was able to meet some of Scott's family. Everyone got along and it was a great lunch and a great day!

4. Gwen turned 2! I can't believe that she is already 2. She has grown up so fast and is such a great little girl. Linnea and Cam had family over for a little birthday party which was fun. I always enjoy hanging out with Cam's family. His parents are great. After everyone left we watched our family show, Desperate Housewives. Always a good time.

5. So besides that I have been busy with Junior High on Wednesday nights at church. i have started personal training sessions (got to look in my wedding dress!) My parents took Scott and I out to dinner at Lawry's to celebrate our engagement and then to the signature lounge for some drinks. My mom and I co-chaired the women's tea at church. I co-hosted a bridal shower for a good friend and I have started to train for a half marathon that I plan to do in the middle of September.

So that about sums up my last month. Lots going on but I love it all! Below are some pictures from the past month.

The view from our table at the Signature lounge.

There were severe storms in the weather report for this night but I would say it turned out to be pretty clear!

Scott and I at the Signature Lounge

Thanks mom and dad!!! It was a great night and what a wonderful way to celebrate our engagement!

Scott's family on his mom's side. It was wonderful for them to join us for Scott's special day.

I just thought this was cute how she was sitting with her hand on the wall like that. Then I asked her to cross her legs and this is what I got. So cute!

Waiting for guests to come upstairs for her birthday party.

She is saying 'cheese' for the picture.

She had her own little area set up for her. Linnea sat with her as well so that she was not alone.

She was so excited for her cake which is the same cake we all grew up getting on our birthday. happy to see the tradition going on.

Why not just hold the whole piece. Cutting into pieces just wastes time anyways.

Ice cream....Yum!

Gwen was the most patient 2 year old with a table full of presents in front of her. I was impressed.

Cam and Linnea (well more Cam than Linnea) got her a tennis racket. The racket is the size for a 4 to 8 year old but Cam wants her to hold it now and get a feel for it.

So going the same theme I got her some cute tennis outfits.

Playing with Uncle Scott.

Playing with Great Grandpa.

Playing with Great Grandpa and Uncle Eric