Wednesday, January 25, 2012

December Happenings

Here is what was going on with us in the middle of December...

I went into their room when they were supposed to be sleeping and this is what I found!  They love each other so much already :)

Caroline giving Addison a ride in their new sled they both got for their birthday.

Another birthday present was a bubble machine for the bathtub.  They LOVE bubbles!  Here is Addison all smiles.

A new favorite activity of theirs is painting.  A nice bonus for me is that they stay very clean because they don't like to get any paint on themselves so there is not much of a mess when we do this activity.



There was a shower for Elsa and Matt at their friends place.  It was a lot of fun!

Singing happy zero birthday to the baby

Predictions of the gender on the left and possible names on the right.  Some of those were pretty funny.


For the Christmas program I managed to get 2 little pigtails in both their hair!  The first time!!!  That only took more than 2 years!!

Gwen front and center at the Christmas program

Addison and Caroline were old enough to participate this year by just a couple weeks.  Addison did not even attempt it but Caroline went up there with the teacher.  You can kind of see her behind the other kid at the bottom left corner.  After they finished singing "Away in the Manger" she yelled "again!"  Of course, she did not sing herself but she wanted everyone else to sing it again.

This year's Christmas dresses.  I was way busier with caramel orders and other stuff this year so I did not have a chance to start them until the Monday before Christmas.  I was so happy to be able to finish them and I am really happy with the way they turned out.

Dress 1

Dress 2

The pattern called for a zipper and in the past I have always skipped putting the zippers in but this time, since the neckline was so high, I could not just skip it.  The zipper and I had lots of issues and I did not have the time to figure it out so I put in this lace up back instead.  I actually prefer it over the zipper and will keep this in mind for the future!



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Addison and Caroline Turn 2!

Addison and Caroline turned 2 on December 8th. What a joy these 2 years have been! Of course, those 2 years have not been without their twists and turns but I would consider it an overall joy to know these 2 little girls.  It is an incredible journey to watch kids grow up and to know that you have a profound place in their life.  It melts my heart every morning to see how excited they are to see me or Scott.  I love the place we are right now with them.  Every day seems to bring something new.  They are learning new words at an incredible speed and speaking short sentences.  They are both becoming more and more silly though you really only get to see it if there are not too many people around or if we are at church on a Wednesday night.  I am thankful that one of the few places that they are comfortable in is at church.  Addison tends to talk in silly voices and Caroline likes to make silly faces and dances.  They like to sing and while we can't always understand the words they are singing we usually know what song because they can hold a tune.  They both continue to be shy which is ok.  I have learned to embrace this trait and have been thankful in many public situations for it.  We are so thankful and blessed that they are in our lives. 

Here are some pictures from their birthday:


Coloring their birthday crowns.  They actually loved this more than I expected.

They have been loving their frog and duck lately


They loved brushing their teeth that morning for some reason

Caroline being silly

Addison all smiles

Birthday high fives!

A dinner treat, pizza!

I included this picture because this is the evil stare that Addison give to people sometimes and I can't believe Scott captured it!  It is really creepy in person!!

Cheese! (Caroline)

They loved their birthday ice cream and blowing out their candles.  Well, Caroline was able to blow them out and Addison was very close a few times.

Caroline getting ready to blow the candles out.


Addison loved her ice cream.

We had a birthday party the following Saturday and here are their cakes.  I want to be sure they each have their own special cake :)  They did not enjoy having people sing Happy Birthday this time though :(  Oh well.

Addison and Caroline with Scott at the party.