Monday, January 17, 2011

Hugs, Anniversary and DA BEARS!

Since Addison and Caroline got their babies they have learned how to give hugs. This affection is not only for their babies though and occasionally I get a hug too :)

Caroline hugging her baby

Caroline hugging her birthday balloon

Caroline hugging her bear

Addison hugging her froggie

January 3rd was our second anniversary.  I know a lot of people joke about having "long" years in marriage but so much has happened in these 2 years that it definitely feels like we have been married longer.  On the 14th we stayed downtown and it was our first full night away from the girls together.  IT WAS GREAT!  We did whatever we wanted, just had to grab our coats when we went out for dinner, sat in the hot tub and slept in until we wanted to.  It was a much needed break for both of us together.  Love you Scott!!

This was waiting for us in our room.  Can't go wrong with chocolate cake!

View from our room

We made sure we got to the hotel with plenty of time to play Yahtzee before dinner.  We played this every day on our honeymoon so now we play it on our anniversary to have fun and reminisce.  I won by the way :)

Scott got a new job and left for training this past Sunday.  I on the other hand went to the Bears playoff game with my dad!  It was cold and snowed a lot during the first half but they WON and that is all I care about.  Next game against the Packers is going to be a really good one....can't wait.  GO BEARS!!!!!

Plain White Ts played during half time so that was fun.

Monday, January 10, 2011

January Happenings

Well January seems to be very busy so far but involving more regular activities which is a welcomed change from the crazy holidays. Addison and Caroline are now 13 months old and continue to grow week after week in many different ways. We are almost solely on a one nap a day schedule, Caroline took her first steps last weekend (!!!!!!) and they both continue to play well with each other with some occasional unhappiness over stolen toys. Addison has unfortunately developed a lovely tantrum which does not seem to happen during the day anymore but can occasionally show up at night.  I am definitely looking forward to the day they can communicate more with me and Scott about what they want and need which seems to be my focus these days when playing and interacting with them.  Well, that and walking.  I cannot wait until they are walking!!  My arms can't take holding them for much longer!!!

Here is Caroline in her new robe and slippers after a bath....too cute
Addison                         Caroline

New Year's Eve dance party!  I went over to Leah and Chris' for New Years Eve and we played this dance game on Wii basically all night.  It was a good time and everyone participated.

Lisa and Joel were in town!  Woo hoo :)  Always so great to see them!!!

It was my favorite to watch Lisa dance because she had the best facial expressions.

Lisa trying to cheat.  Joel was really good.

Lisa                   Annie

This was a funny combo to watch.

We have a table in our entry way and Addison has discovered how much she loves sitting on the bottom part of it.  She just climbs up and stays there for a while.  She will scoot herself back against the wall and then she will scoot herself forward so that her legs hang down.  So cute!

Where one is the other is not far behind!

"Helping" with the laundry.  They are now able to climb in and out of the laundry basket so I might as well just let them have their fun for a while.

This past Friday was my Uncle's 60th birthday and my Aunt and cousins threw him a surprise party.  My dad came up with a skit that my dad, Kevin, Scott, Cam and Matt participated in.  It was based on the SNL super fan skit.  It came out great and the guys were all really in character which made it really funny!!

Happy 60th birthday Scott!!!

Sonja trying out one of the mustaches from the guys.

And....the mustaches are good as eye brows too!!!  Haha....this is a classic