Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wedding Pictures!!!

Finally, here are some pictures from the wedding. I love hearing about what you don't know that happened that day so I hope your enjoy a glimpse behind the scenes and some formal pictures.

Some cool pictures of the church.

The florist getting all the flowers ready.
Getting ready with the girls.

Gwen was so cute as a flower girl and a great distraction to me before the wedding started. This is also before she she started feeling sick.
Here is my mom sewing a button on Scott's tux that popped off.
Getting my bouquet before the pictures.

Scott hanging out with his guys.
Scott and I both used our nieces as distractions before the ceremony.
Call me cheesy but I love this picture because of the side shot and Jesus in the background.
Here we are waiting in the stairwell waiting for the guys to enter the sanctuary so we can go into the narthex. I was yelling "hi" to the guests walking past the door. I got in trouble from the girls for doing that :)
My ladies are all lined up and I am just waiting.
I don't know if my dad will appreciate me for sharing this but right before we walked into the sanctuary he discovered that his fly was open! Good thing he caught that. It was a funny moment that helped calm my nerves.

More pictures to follow.....