Friday, May 28, 2010

Let the Fun at Playgrounds Begin!

Since it has been so nice we started going to parks for playgroup this past week. Addison and Caroline tried out the swings for the first time and they LOVE them! It is perfect timing for them to be big enough for the swings as the summer starts :)



Well I tried to put them in the same swing but Addison did not even out the weight enough so she ended up against Caroline's back.  She did not like that part of the swinging experience.  I will most likely try this again at some point though.

Later that day we went to the park again so that Scott could see them in the swings.  They still loved it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day and 5 Months

Mother's Day started a lot earlier than I had hoped. Caroline had to be teething because at around midnight she started waking up screaming every half hour until 3 or 4 when I gave her Tylenol and she finally went back to sleep. Typically you hear of the dad letting the mom sleep in on mother's day. Well, I actually got up and let Scott sleep in as I got the morning started. Go figure. I did get a lovely card from the girls with her hand and foot prints. A great way to start the morning and it was placed in the perfect spot, right in front of the coffee maker! We made it to church which was followed by a nice lunch with my dad's side of the family. We then went on to my Grandparent's house to celebrate my cousin Graduating from North Park. We ended the night at my parents house. Scott and I were both a bit tired but it was a great day spent with family.

Me and my girls!  If you can't tell they are wearing clip on earrings from a dress-up thing that we gave Gwen for her birthday.

Can you believe that Addison and Caroline are already 5 months!!  I think I will say that every month/year of their life as I am sure most parents do.  They are both still doing great although they are both still on the small side.  We had a special 5 month weigh in for Addison and she is currently 10 pounds and 12 ounces.  She had a bit of a spike in growth but still is below the 3rd percentile which is technically under the chart.  The Dr does not seem to be worried.

This is a fun spot to be since they are just on cusp of being more mobile.  They have both rolled over from their stomach to their back (Caroline did it several weeks after Addison).  Any day now they will roll from their back to their front.  It is fun watching them try as they move around in a circle like a pinwheel.  They have really begun to be good at reaching and playing with their toys and seem to know their names (though sometimes they respond to the other one but who can blame them?).  They are getting better and better with solids and just seem to be happy and content babies.  We love them so much!

So close to rolling over!

Scott playing with them

Reading a gigantic book at playgroup

Gwen cuddling up with them


And then Caroline started to lick Addison's head.  Oh dear!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Enjoying the Weather

Today was one of those beautiful and sunny perfect spring days. When I was working a 9 to 5 desk job, on a day like today, I would constantly think about how much I just wanted to be outside to enjoy it. I just kept thinking today how fortunate I am to not only be able to be outside all day but to spend it with my beautiful girls as well as my sisters and nieces.  Today my heart is full. 

Here are some great pictures I was able to get of the girls.  Addison is in polka dots and Caroline is in stripes.  Enjoy!