Monday, November 21, 2011


We had a great Halloween this year! Addison and Caroline were hula girls. Their costumes came straight from Hawaii...thanks mom and dad! I had a whole other costume lined up and purchased but as soon my parents gave us the hula outfits I could not resist. It was a great night :)  They got a lot of candy that we (mom and dad) got to enjoy :)  This might be the only year that happens!

Dressed and ready to go!

Our first stop was at my Aunt and Uncle's who live just down the street from us.  My cousin Jenny was there with her son Nolan.  Cutest bat I've ever seen :)


This was the best picture with them.  Oh well.

Next stop was Cam and Linnea's to go trick or treating.  Here is Sonja as Darth Vader.  It was her idea.  Love it!

Gwen as a snow princess tap dancer (I think I got that right)

Naomi...can you get any cuter?

Cam as a doctor

Caroline has her bag and is ready to go!

Trick or treat

Addison had her bag like this the whole time.

I have Caroline (big surprise) and Linnea has Addison


Our last stop was my parents house to say a quick hello and to let them see Addison and Caroline in the hula costumes they got for them.  I have great memories of stopping over at my grandparents house on Halloween when I was little that we had to do that as well.  I love traditions :)

Monday, November 07, 2011

Goebbert's Farm 2011

Last year we went to Goebbert's with Elsa but this year we went with Linnea and her girls. We went on a Wednesday and it was so much less crowded than a Friday. I still love this place and recommend it to anyone in the area. Addison and Caroline definitely enjoyed it more this year too.

Last year we skipped the giraffes because I did not want to take the stroller up there when it was so crowded but we went this year and they did not disappoint.  So cool to be so up close to them!

You could buy carrot sticks to feed to them.  This was as close to feeding them as Gwen and Sonja got.  Addison and Caroline would not get close to them.

 Their selection of animals is crazy to me.  They have a lot of regular ones like deer and barn animals but then they have animals like tigers and bears.  Oh my!

Kangaroos were there...obviously


Zebra of course

Exotic bird

Deers and Addison

Gwen petting the cute piglets.  I would have taken one home if they let me and if they could guarantee they would stay that size.

Gwen helping Caroline get a better look at a turkey

Baby monkey

Baby yak

A cow mid "moooooooo."  Addison was just to my left when I took this picture and the "moo" freaked her out!  What was even better was that this cow got all the other barn animals wound up because they all started making noises including the donkey!  It was comical hearing them go all at the same time.

Pony rides for Gwen and Sonja!  Sonja was very excited because her pony pooped right at the end :)


These pumpkins were a foot short of Addison and Caroline

Gwen and the giant pumpkins

Friday, November 04, 2011


Last year Addison and Caroline could care less for leaves. This year they can't get enough of them. We can't walk to the car without them picking up a handful of leaves along the way. Here are lots of pictures to show just how much they love the leaves...






Squirrel eating a cheerio
Addison and Caroline LOVE squirrels

Gwen :)



Scott and Addison

Scott and Addison



Scott and Addison



I love Caroline's "cheese" smile for the camera.  I think this is the best one yet!

Kisses from Caroline

Scott and Caroline

Still Scott and Caroline