Monday, September 25, 2006

I am very excited to join the blog world. I decided that I did not have to be married or have children to start a blog so here I go......

Here is a quick overview of my life since the beginning of the year.

At the beginning of this year you could have found me in Scotts Valley, CA. I was working at Mission Springs as the Business Assistant. Then I moved back in March where I started to work for my Uncle's bank. I lived with my cousin Jenny over the summer, which was a lot of fun because I got to see her more often. Now I work at National Covenant Properties as the Administrative Assistant (with the idea that I will be promoted within a year to the Investment Coordinator position when the current person retires) and I live my 2 friends from NPU, Leah Edmonson and Annie Hawkinson.

ok no promises with how well I will keep up with this because I don't have a computer at home but I will do my best. Enjoy!!