Thursday, August 27, 2009

22 Weeks....

Well last week ended up being a whirlwind. Unfortunately, having twins means that I no longer can see the midwives and I had to change to an OB. I have not seen her yet but I have in the past so I know she will be great. My OB had me see a specialist right away so that is what I did last week. I am not going to complain about already having a second ultrasound and I have my 3rd next week.
Seeing the specialist was so much better than the first ultrasound. At the first one my head was right next to the screen so I could only watch for 10 minutes when she swung it around at the end. This time I was facing the screen and was able to watch the whole thing! Also, while they were taking the measurements they were really good at pointing out the different parts of the brain, stomach, heart and all the other body parts...well not all of them :) It was so interesting to see everything and it is amazing how much they can tell when the babies are so small and still in my stomach! After the first tech took a look and the specialist he said that both babies look great! They were screening for genetic disorders since they can be more common in multiples.
Something else that they were able to determine is that they are definitely identical! Craziness. They can tell this because they for sure share a placenta. For a while the first tech and the specialist could not find the membrane that separated the 2 babies and we could have sworn we saw one baby grab the foot of the other. However, there are so many limbs in there that it is hard to figure what belongs to who. Fortunately, the specialist was able to find it towards the end of the ultrasound. If he had not found this membrane that would have meant they were in the same amniotic sac and there would have been a huge threat of the umbilical cords getting tangled. Also, I would have had to be on hospital bed rest in order to be constantly monitored. I dodged 2 big bullets with that one!
There are some complications that can occur when babies share a placenta but so far they were not showing signs of them. I have a follow-up ultrasound next week and he said that if the main complication was going to develop that it would by 24 weeks. So we will see next week if we are in the clear.
I have already been put on modified bed rest. I have to have my feet up for 4-6 hours every day during the day but since I sit at a desk all day I am able to continue working which is good for now. I was also told to try not to run errands after work and I can't walk for exercise anymore :( If this is the worst bed rest I am put on it is not bad. Also, the specialist said he was going to tell my OB that he did not want me to go past 37 weeks if I have not already gone into labor by then. I have not talked to my OB yet so there is no date set in stone but 37 weeks is December 9th. It looks like we will be getting 2 early Christmas presents :) It certainly makes planning for the holidays a lot easier.
So I think that is about all I found out last week. Like I said, I have a follow-up ultrasound with the specialist next week so pray that everything is still looking great. In the meantime, I have definitely been enjoying feeling them squirm around. At one point the specialist told me he hopes I have good gym shoes because these babies are active! They are not too cooperative at this point to feel them from the outside but Scott was able to catch Baby B in a good mood and was able to feel him/her last week. I was so happy that he was able to finally feel one of them so we could share in the experience. This past weekend I took advantage of it being my last weekend before the 4-6 hours of having my feet up. Scott and I cleaned our place and began clearing out the second bedroom, went to ikea to check out baby stuff and we registered with my mom and Linnea on Sunday. I was wiped out after 3 hours walking around Babies R Us and boy do we need a ton of stuff for 2! It was kind of funny going around looking at things and deciding on something that we like/need and then saying "and we need 2!" This is already an adventure but I can't wait for the next 3 months to be done and that is when the real fun begins :)

So here are the 22 week pictures...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Seeing Double!!!!

This past Friday morning Scott and I (well more I) had our 20 week ultrasound. Well, we found out that we are going to have TWINS!!!! WHAT??!!???

For me, it started at the beginning of July. For some reason I was interested in reading about being pregnant with twins. I don't know what led me to start looking into it or what held my "feeling" that I was having twins. There were many signs or symptoms that I did not have and I did not think there was any family history on both our sides (I was wrong). When I went in for my 17 week appointment I found out I was measuring ahead by 3 weeks...sign number 1. I also mentioned to my midwife that I had felt the babies since week 12 which she thought was interesting...sign number 2 (even though I didn't know at the time that was a sign as well). I even asked if measuring ahead could be a sign of having more than one baby and she said not necessarily. She kind of searched for a second heartbeat and I thought she maybe had found one but she did not say anything but "We'll see what the ultrasound tells us."

It was at this point, when I was updating Scott on how the appointment went, that I decided I would clue him in on my "feeling." He didn't really put much thought into it. After all, at this point we didn't think twins were in either one of our families and I did not have many signs so the chances we thought were pretty low. As we got closer to the ultrasound I told a couple more people about what I thought and Scott just thought I was crazy and setting myself up for disappointment. I should mention that a lot of websites say that the mother's intuition is another sign of a multiple pregnancy...sign number 3.

So now comes the ultrasound. I went in first so that one of the techs could start the measurements and Scott was going to join me a little later. I told the tech right away that I was showing some signs of multiples and wanted that to be determined right away. I laid there as she started and saw a half smile come across the tech's face. I should mention that I could not see the screen at this point. I waited "patiently" for about 5 minutes before I asked the tech if there was one baby. She replied "do you want me to tell you or wait for your husband?" I told her to tell me....sorry Scott but I just could not wait any longer. She told me "no, you have two." WHAT!!!! I could not believe after thinking, hoping and day dreaming about having twins that I actually was going to have twins!!! I was preparing myself for disappointment and fortunately I got the opposite :)

So about 15 minutes later Scott came in the room and I just held up two fingers. He was shocked but with a huge smile on his face. There was definitely more emotions going through Scott that day because not only did we find out we are having twins but this is when the pregnancy became real to him since he was able to see the babies.

Both babies are doing very well right now. They are measuring 4 days a part and both around 19 weeks which is good to only be a week behind. I was told that they are fraternal but the tech did not seem the most confident with knowing the difference between fraternal and identical twins. They have their own amniotic sacs but share a placenta which depending on what you read is definitely identical. Scott did find an article that said fraternal twins can share a placenta too but I am not convinced. We'll see what my midwife says. I also found out that twins are on my mom's side. Who knew! Turns our my great Grandma was a twin and her twin sister had twins as well. There were 2 sets of girls so we might keep up the girl trend in both our families. We are still not going to find out the sex though :)

It has been a roller coaster of emotions all based in happiness since Friday morning. We have both had trouble sleeping since we found out. My mind keeps running wild thinking of the reality of having 2 instead of 1 and what that really means. We are very fortunate to have lots of family in the area to help us out and many friends. Several people have already been a big support to me by saying I will be a great mother of twins and that I will definitely be able to handle it. We feel so fortunate that God has decided to bless us with twins. We know it will be a lot of work and we may be walking zombies for a while but we are both really happy and excited!!

We were already planning on going to my favorite restaurant (Ron of Japan) to celebrate being half way through the pregnancy but then it really became a celebration!

Now finally some ultrasound pictures!!

Baby B's head is on the left and baby A's head is on the right. All in between are the legs and arms.

The tech said that it is hard to get a picture of 2 feet so we were lucky baby B gave us one!

This one is my favorite...You can see baby A's body, butt and legs in the center/right side and going right into baby B's head/face on the left. Great, already kicking each other. There were a couple times I was waving my finger telling them to be nice to each other.

This picture is basically the same as the one above but with labels.

The side by side shot of both their faces.

Well this is my 20 week growing belly picture with twins! For those who saw it already on facebook I made a comment about how tired I looked. Well no wonder!!!

I feel very fortunate that I have not really experienced the multiple symptoms that many feel when expecting multiples. So far it has not been too bad except for being a little more tired than normal in my second trimester but I have been very fortunate. So now come extra Dr. appointments and an extra large belly. While we will be blessed at the end with 2 babies we first need to get through the pregnancy which is now open to more possible complications. Twin pregnancies are not automatically considered "high risk" but there is definitely the potential so we ask for your prayers for the health of the babies as well as myself.

I have a Dr. appointment on Wednesday so I am sure I will have more to say.
Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There were some good friends in town for weddings over the weekend and we all managed to find a time to get together for a BBQ at the Peterson's place. Out of my girlfriends from NPU, any of them with kids don't live in Chicago so it was fun to have friends with kids around since we don't get to see them too often.

Bethanie, Miles, Stacy and Lisa

Isaiah: Halli, please let me in!!!

Halli feeding Leah grapes

So cute! By the end of the night Isaiah was wearing Halli's shoes

We then went out for some drinks. My drink of choice??? Water...yum yum