Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day at the Races

The other weekend we took Addison and Caroline to Arlington Park. We live so close we thought we would take advantage especially since you can go after 4pm and get in free! It was a good time, though it was pretty hot and humid.  Addison and Caroline seemed to have a good time.

Watching the horses who just ran a race come back

Addison loved it!

Caroline on the other hand was kind of nervous to have the horses so close to her

Ready to watch the race!

Caroline had fun sitting on her own bench

Thankfully, Caroline's head did not get stuck

Addison looks so small!

Love this one!

It was a fun day at the race but hopefully the next time we go it will not be so hot!!

Saturday, August 06, 2011


This post is overdue but I procrastinated because there are so many pictures to choose from. Enjoy Afterglow 2011!

I put everything out on the lawn before I packed it all in the van.  I could not believe how much we were bringing for 1 week!

Rob caught this snake!

The first morning I peered into the trees and found these 3 baby birds nestled up together.  So sweet :)

Let the frog catching begin!!!  A big hit with the kids as usual.

Gwen and Addison



Sonja showing me the frog that she (I) caught.  One of the first things she would say to me every morning was "Greta, can we catch some froggies?"

Showing Addison the frog

Beach time!  They had to warm up to it the first day but after that they had lots of fun.  Here is Caroline.



Addison kept creeping farther and farther into the water.  This was where she stopped.

Addison is the one splashing.  That is the face that they both make when they are serious about their splashing.

"Great" Scott (my uncle) caught a bass.  We asked Addison if she wanted to touch it.  She just smiled and then slapped it on the gill!  It was funny.

Playing in the pool we brought by our cabin. 
(Caroline-left, Addison-right)

Of course I added some frogs to make the pool more interesting.

Mr. Nolan.  He is getting so big!!!

We went for a walk around the lake (1.6 miles) which ended up being very long because they wanted to get out of the stroller a fourth of the way in.  We eventually divided them because they were the slowest when together.

Caroline             Addison

Caroline watching the slick track

Addison digging in the rocks which was a favorite activity of hers that week.

Still watching the slick track

I caught a bass!  Woo!

Snack time in the play house


Scott and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to dinner at White Stag Inn.  So yummy!!!

After dinner we went into town for ice cream and came across this street festival.  It was fun to people watch :)

More beach time

Addison-close, Caroline-far

Gwen laying out in the sun.  It starts so early!


After a car sickness incident (one of many in the past 7 months) we decided to turn the car seats around.  We have had no issues since then which certainly makes me happy!!  This was a game that they started playing on our way home where they would grab each other's hand and start laughing.  Good times :)