Saturday, January 31, 2009

Honeymoon Excusions #2

Our other excursion that we did was to go swimming with dolphins, sting rays and sharks! I unfortunately was not able to get pictures when we were with the sharks and sting rays. It was a little nerve racking being in open water with sharks even though we knew it was safe since they were nurse sharks but exciting at the same time. I have to admit, there was a moment when one of the sharks started to swim towards us and I yelped a little bit. So first we swam with the sharks and sting rays and after that we were able to swim and interact with the dolphins. It was a lot of fun.

So we must go home now :( Here is one last picture from our terrace.

We're sad to be leaving ;(

But happy that we had such a great time and looking forward to starting our life back home as husband and wife.
Speaking of home....this is what we came home to, snow! It was definitely hard to come back to.

Honeymoon Excursions #1

One of excursions was going deep sea fishing. This was one thing that I really wanted to make sure we did. We were on this boat with 4 other people (including a guy from France in a to love Europeans!!) and 2 guides. We were told that we would go 12 miles out in the ocean for around 5 hours. The first 3 hours were pretty boring. We caught a small barracuda in the beginning and then for the next 2 and half to 3 hours was basically a boat ride with no excitement other than Scott starting to feel sick. It was beautiful but we didn't pay for a boat ride. We reached this reef that was pretty far out there and all of a sudden....BAM! All 6 lines hooked Mahi Mahi pretty much at the same time. It was non stop action for the next 45 minutes. As soon as we would reel a fish in we would throw out our line again and we would hook another Mahi Mahi in minutes. After it was all said and done we caught 26 Mahi Mahi in 45 minutes. We were lucky to be on that boat because there was another one that left at the same time and when they came back we found out that they only caught 6 fish. I have to say that this ranks very high as far as what I liked most about our honeymoon.

That's the French guy in the speedo.

A view from the top of the boat.

I tried to get a picture of the mountains. They were beautiful.

They had told us before we went that we were going to be strapped to the boat. Not so much. Instead we had this plastic thing that held the bottom of the pole that was just tied around us. It ended up not being too hard to reel them in and I never felt like I was going to fall overboard.

I hope you can see the beautiful colors Mahi Mahi have when they are first caught in some of these pictures. After about ten minutes they don't look so pretty anymore.

Scott had told one of our guides that we were on our honeymoon so he was nice and gave me probably the most opportunities of everyone on the boat to catch fish.

When the fish would get close to the boat our guide would take the line and throw the fish on board. Then they would just start flopping all over the place so I had to pick up my feet so that the fish would not smack my legs.

That would be a piece of the bait that came from the fish I had just caught. It was a little gross I have to say.

There they are. They look lovely don't they!

Here are all the fish we caught and the people who caught them. Our guides have a pretty good deal because we not only paid a lot of money to have them take us out but we also did most the work to catch these fish and then they go and sell them. Good deal if you ask me!