Thursday, October 27, 2011

Visit to Texas...Part 3

Our last day we went back to New Mexico for a winery harvest festival. I was kind of surprised that there was a vineyard considering most people don't even have grass lawns. However, it is pretty green all along the Rio Grande valley so that is where the vineyard was located.

Scott and I went to Cattleman's Steakhouse for dinner that also had all these random animals around.  It was interesting to walk around to see them and take in the scenery.  This was also the location of some movies.

All in all, a great trip!  Thanks again Bill and Mary.

Visit to Texas...Part 2

After we poked around White Sands National Monument for a while we headed over to the White Sands Missile Range. This was definitely very interesting.  It is crazy to read about the missiles they have created and tested here included the atomic bomb.  They also did some early rocket launching from this site too.

They had a display outside of several different missiles and information about them.  It really was very interesting.

The same type of casing the atomic bomb was put in that was dropped over Japan

I enjoy taking pictures of animals if you have not guessed already.  I like the challenge.

This one is for you dad...a water tower.  Sorry the picture is not too great because we were in the car but I thought you would like it.

Next we went to the town Mesilla, NM where Billy the Kid was tried and sentenced to death.  However, he escaped.  It had a very interesting "Old West" feel to the town still.

The building where his trial was held

Across the street was the jail

On our way back to the house

Driving through the mountains instead of around them this time.

The conclusion of our trip coming soon.....

Visit to Texas...Part 1

Scott's dad and wife gave us a trip to their place down in El Paso, Texas as a Christmas present last year. Finally, we were able to get down there at the beginning of October. It was a great time and a nice get away from Addison and Caroline. Thank you Bill and Mary for the trip and hospitality and thanks to my family for babysitting our girls so that we could go on the trip!

Out their front door and gate

The view from their front door.  Not too shabby.

The first day we took a scenic driving tour around El Paso.  This was interesting to me because I have been to El Paso a couple times but always went immediately to Juarez, Mexico to build houses.  It was nice to actually be in El Paso this time.

The buildings you see is downtown El Paso.  Just beyond that is Juarez, Mexico.  It was interesting getting this perspective because I remember being in Juarez and seeing the downtown area from where we were building.  They are so close together.  On the right side of the mountains you can see some writing in white.  It says "CD Juarez, La Biblia es la verdad. Leela.” which translates to “Ciuadad Juarez, The Bible is the truth. Read it."  It is too bad the drug cartel does not take this seriously.  Instead, they are ruining the city and smuggling drugs into the U.S.

A cool building downtown El Paso

A cross on top of a mountain in Juarez

On the west side of El Paso.  The mountains in the distance are in Mexico.

The second day we went to New Mexico.  Our first stop was White Sands National Monument.  It was very cool and interesting.  Worth the trip if you are ever in the area.

We found this little guy right away

The souvenir shop

Scott and his dad

Fox prints

It was beautiful

Scott wanted to run up and down.  Crazy

This is Henri, Bill and Mary's dog.  He was in heaven here.

They sold sleds in the souvenir shop.  It was not exactly like sledding on snow, it was a lot slower, but it still looked like fun.

Part 2 coming soon....