Monday, November 08, 2010

11 Months!

Addison and Caroline are 11 months old today!  1 more month until they are one!  I really can't believe it.  Something else I can't believe is just how much they learn each month.  They are both excellent at crawling, standing and taking a few steps to cruise around furniture.  At this point though, if they need to go more than a couple steps to get somewhere else they still get down, crawl over and then stand again.  If they hear music they will start to dance and love to push the buttons on their toys.  They brush their hair with their hairbrushes and if we say the word clap (not show them) they will start clapping.  They also like to play "so big" and their new favorite game when going to sleep is to throw their pacifiers out of their cribs.

There are some things that they do individually but I find that the other one is usually close behind to do the same.  Caroline will sit and "talk" to objects.  It sounds like she is actually saying sentences but of course we can't understand them.  She also is getting better at imitating sounds.  Scott and I are convinced that she can say hi when she chooses to repeat it after us.  When she chooses is the key phrase for most of what they do.  I am thinking we are not too far off from Caroline officially saying her first word!  She also makes many silly sounds using her tongue which are both cute and entertaining.  You might want to watch out if you are in Caroline's path to something because she will grab everything in her way and throw it behind her.  Watch out!  Addison is making more sounds these days too.  She also will try to share her pacifier with you and give you a kiss!  She also enjoys pulling her burp cloth over her eyes and pulling it down to play peek-a-boo.  She has also started to point to objects in a book .  It continues to amaze me how much they learn and grow each month.

This past weekend we turned back our clocks for the time change.  I was curious to see how they would do with this.  It actually did not seem to phase them one bit changing their schedule by an hour.  It has been great and they even slept in this morning!  Here are just a few random pictures from over the past month.

More than ever they love playing with each other.  Now that they seem to be understanding things more I am trying to introduce them to the concept of sharing.  We'll see how long it actually takes for them to get it but doesn't hurt to start early.

Typical Addison, playing with something in her mouth.

Playing with their baby cousin Nolan

Swing time



Caroline doing yoga or a headstand?

Notice that Addison is not playing with the pig in her mouth but the block in her hand.  She is so silly.

Looking outside at GG's and Great Grandpa's

See you next month at their ONE YEAR update!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


October 16th was Scott's 30th birthday! To celebrate we did an open house for his friends on his birthday and the next day we had family over. I didn't end up getting many pictures since I was running around the whole time but here are the few that I do have. Happy birthday Scott!!

Here is Scott with cake #1.  You can see another one of my decorating projects in the background.  There are 3 window panes that I cleaned off and put pictures behind the glass.

Gwen and her cousins

All 4 cousins having fun together

4 generations!

Addison and Caroline's 1st Halloween!  They were Bears cheerleaders, Scott was Mike Ditka and I was Walter Payton.  It was a fun Halloween weekend!

They were not too thrilled about this picture

Caroline trying to grab Scott's mustache

Addison and her football

Halloween at church.  Here is one of their friends Ellie as a flower.  So cute :)

After church we went to Linnea and Cam's to go trick or treating.  Here are Gwen and Sonja as a ladybug and bee.

Sonja was very good at stinging people.

And here were are trick or treating dressed a bit more warmly.

Sonja trying on Scott's mustache.  Looks good!