Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo Session

Here are some pictures that I took of Addison and Caroline playing together the other day. They definitely have more fun now that they can sit and face each other while playing. It is cute to hear them giggling from the other room.

Note the toys that they start with...Addison has the links and Caroline has the rattle

Caroline: "Oh, those links look fun!  I'm done with this rattle.  If I smile at my sister maybe she won't see me take them"

"Got them...that was easy"

"Oh no, there is another side"

"Now I have the whole thing and left my sister with nothing...success!"

Taking Addison's toys, when sitting close enough, is Caroline's new thing.  How can this be starting already at 6 months!  I can't exactly tell her to stop.  Fortunately, Addison does not seem to care, for now.  Caroline has literally ripped toys out of Addison's hands and has even needed to really pull them out of Addison's grip.  She is crazy but too cute to be upset with.  I have heard from other mothers of twins that their kids are great with sharing.  This might be why, since you have to start explaining it to them so early!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6 Month Check-Up

Sorry for the delay but we lost our Internet connection for several days due to the bad storms that happened last Friday.  We had Addison and Caroline's 6 month check-up Friday morning and I am happy to report that both girls are doing great.

Here are the numbers:
   Addison: Weight 12 lbs, 1 oz (under 3rd percentile), Length 24.5 in (between 5th and 10th), Circumference 41 cm (between 5th and 10th)
   Caroline: Weight 13 lbs, 2 oz (25th percentile!!!), Length 25 in (between 10th and 25th), Circumference 41.5 cm (between 10th and 25th)

The doctor told us that Caroline's weight was in the 25th percentile but on the baby center website it says under the 5th so I am not sure which is correct.  We also found out that with most twins the first born is bigger and is usually the dominant one.  Well in our case we have the opposite.  Caroline, born second, is bigger and more dominant.  Very interesting.

In the last week they have both become so much better at sitting on their own.  So much so that I have stopped carrying them in their carseats which my arms appreciate! By the way, those are still newborn size onesies that they are wearing.  For the most part they are in 3 month sized clothes but they do fit in some newborn stuff!
(Addison on the left and Caroline on the right)

Caroline (pictured below) and Addison have both found their feet to play with



Addison cracks herself up when looking in a mirror.


Apparently Addison really can sleep anywhere if she is tired enough.

The power was out for 4 and a half hours last Friday.  It was a fun candle lit night with no tv or internet.  Something that does not happen often enough.  Fortunately, we already had a bunch of candles set up to light and all the girls toys were battery operated so it didn't phase them.  The candles are actually from our wedding and we had not lit them again since then.

And what did we do when the girls were in bed?  We made margaritas (before the ice melted), ate ice cream (before that was totally melted) and played Yahtzee!  It was a fun night

About a week ago Gwen was wearing this outfit.  I thought the colors were so pretty and bright and would look great against Linnea and Cam's purple entry way.  So here is a little photo session we had....what a goofball!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

For Scott's first Father's Day we (meaning me, Addison and Caroline) needed to do something special and homemade of course! So the girls did some finger painting cards.

I decided to have them paint in different colors so that I could label who did what part of the card.  They were interested in the paint right away.  I made it with equal parts of flour and cold water.  Then you add food coloring.

Ready to paint!

Caroline in red

Addison in Blue

The finished products!  I decided that it would be nice to send them to the grandpa's and great-grandpa's so they made 7 in total.  What two lucky girls to have one father, 2 grandpa's and 4 great-grandpa's!  It was so fun to do this first art project.  Many more to come and I can't wait!

Happy 1st Father's Day to a great daddy to these 2 beautiful little ladies!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


This past Sunday Addison and Caroline were baptized. What a meaningful day as Scott and I pledged to show them our faith and to raise them in the church. This is no small vow but something that will help shape their lives.

They both did great which was a nice surprise. I was expecting them to cry during most of it but instead they didn't except for Caroline did a little when the water was put on her head.  I'm not shocked since she does not like baths still.

Here is Scott with them right before the service started.

Everyone got a kick out of Addison chewing on Scott's tie

Addison being baptized by Pastor Art.  What is special is that he baptized me when I was a baby and 28 years later he baptized Scott.

Caroline being baptized by Pastor Peter who was the one who married us.

Afterwards we a picnic at the beach with our family and some friends.  The weather held out and we had a great time.

Here is the dress that Addison wore.  My mom bought these vintage dresses at our church rummage sale and they were perfect for this occasion.

This is Caroline's

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lots Going On

I had the pleasure of being a co-host for a baby shower for baby McCullah. We had high tea in honor of Annie and the baby. We can't wait to meet the baby!!!

We tried out the zoo again and we had a way better time this go around. Maybe because we went in the morning instead of the afternoon or that they are just a little older but we had a great time. It made me more excited for future trips to Brookfield Zoo!

Those are sunglasses between his feet!

Last week my mom and I went to see my grandpa in Rockford. I was so happy that he had more time with Addison and Caroline. We all had a great time. 

Here he is with Caroline.

And now both of them!

Here we are going to Britta and Dane's wedding.  A much needed night away from the babies :)

This was one of the only pictures I got of the wedding.  It was such a great wedding and congrats to Dane and Britta!!

Not much to explain here other than Gwen and Sonja having fun in Caroline and Addison's cribs