Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Summer

Since the girls are moving around a lot more they tend to get close to each other more often. We have been just letting them play with each other until one of them doesn't like it anymore.  Yet another type of interaction that has been fun to watch.  Here is Caroline giving Addison some love taps.  Fortunately, when the head is involved, they are pretty gentle so they usually don't mind.  However, Addison knocks on Caroline's head which has to hurt a bit more than when Caroline just pats Addison's head.  Oh well.  Caroline usually doesn't mind.

Caroline loves her big sister

Some non-baby happenings, Scott and I went to Ravinia with a bunch of people from church to see/hear Counting Crows.  They were great.  The great thing is that they played some of their popular songs like Mr Jones and Long December that I had heard they don't play at concerts anymore.  Great time!

This rolled up carpet has been the perfect thing to help them practice pulling themselves up on things or stand on their own.  They can only get up on their own onto their knees but I am sure that will change soon.

This is their new thing...screaming!  Well it is not a new thing actually.  Addison does it more than Caroline and she will do it for all sorts of reasons...when she is happy, sad, bored, hungry, tired, etc...  Here is an example of one of her playing screams.  If anyone has any tips on how to stop this I would appreciate it.

And Caroline screaming.  They also set each other off and will scream back and forth.  I'm sure our neighbors all love this!

Sisters wrestling



In the morning I usually give them some prunes mixed with their cereal for breakfast.  For some reason they tend to rub their hands in the leftovers around their mouth and then rub their eyes pretty much every time.  This is how they typically look after breakfast.

Last night I looked over and saw Addison popping her little head above the coffee table.  The pulling up onto furniture now begins.  She is only on her knees here but like I already said, it is just a matter of time before they are getting up on their feet.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Fun Part 2

Here is what we have been up to during the first half of August...

We babysat for our nieces on Scott's side Kate and Sophia at my parents house. Here is Kate playing in the pool.

Throwing water balloons at Scott


Kate showing the girls the worm she found.  She named him Michael, after her father.

Cool girls

Linnea, Kristin (our cousin) and I hosted a baby shower for Jenny, Kristin's older sister.  She is due in October and having a boy!  This is a new concept for our family of girls so it should be a lot of fun!

Jenny, Nancy (the proud Grandma-to-be) and Kristin

The cousins

Nancy, Jenny and Ruth (Kevin's mom)

Grandma, Julie and my mom

Eric and 2 of his friends have been working on a movie for over a year and last weekend they had a premiere.  They rented the Wilmette theatre and it was so fun to see what they have been working on.

The sisters waiting for Eric to arrive.

Here he is!!

There were even Chicagoland celebrities that came!  To the left of Eric is one of the Smith brothers from Walter E. Smith.  There were 2 out of the 3 there.  Actually, one of the 3 guys who made the film was his son.  They used the furniture warehouse as the setting for the movie.

The three directors!

Here they are at the end with the actors.  The movie is called Furnished and it was actually really good.  They are now going to enter it into film festivals.  Good luck guys!!


Heading out to play group.  This is in front of our condo.

Caroline blowing raspberries and Addison finding it amusing

This squirrel kept coming around and looking at us.

Sonja and Gwen "taking a nap" with the girls

Their new thing...standing by themselves while holding onto something!  Here is Caroline.  They still need to be supervised but they can stand there for a little while.  Now they just need to get balancing down.

You would think Addison is crawling in the picture but she's not.  They are very close!  They often get on all fours, rock back and forth for a while and then get frustrated.  Any day now (I have been saying that for a week or so now).

Here is Addison standing

More bath pictures

Caroline is definitely getting curious about what is above her.  She is now reaching for things higher up.  Will she be pulling herself up onto things soon????

Some other fun developments that I don't have pictures of is that they both clap and Addison started giving me kisses this morning!  A bit wet but very cute :)  Caroline has also discovered jumping in her exersaucer.  She loves it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Fun Part 1

Summer has been busy this year and fun! I love not having a standard 9-5 office job and being able to be outside and do various things throughout the week. Of course, there is the job of having 2 babies with me but I love it! All 3 of us are having so much fun whether at home or out and about.  Here is what we have been up to in July post Afterglow...

I love bath pictures.....Caroline


Playgroup....Flicka and Ursula joined us.  I have always thought from pictures that Flicka could look like their triplet.  Here they are together.  She still could be their triplet just lightly older and bigger.

Another wedding and one more to go.  This time Scott was an usher.  Thank goodness for weddings this summer because otherwise I don't think Scott and I would have done much on the weekends leaving the babies with babysitters.  Big thanks to anyone who has babysat!  We really appreciate it!!!!

Congrats Brad and Meaghan!

Here are the wives/girlfriends/friends of the boys.  I love that it is fun to hang out with them!

Cooling off on one of the 90+ days we have been having this summer at Linnea and Cam's.  It has been so hot this year!


Gwen got in on the action with Addison

Addison and Caroline

Addison looking cozy

Caroline not enjoying it as much

A Cardinal just hanging out at my Grandparents

Scott is always finding new ways to incorporate the girls into things he does.  Here he is with Caroline.

And putting....

Playing with pots and pans.  How much do you love Caroline's grandpa shorts!

Stacking and knocking down blocks with Addison

Siblings/cousins lunch at Tre Kroner

Beach time in Chicago with Aunt Elsa

August summer fun to come....