Thursday, January 03, 2013

Seattle....Part 2

Getting ready for the big day!  Happy bride :)

(Stacy - Krysta - Me)
Getting our nails done

(Britta - Stacy - Me - Steph - Lori - Krysta - Annie)
Always fun to be with this group of girls!  I just wish we were able to be together more often.

On the ferry to Port Gamble where the wedding took place.

(Steph - Lori - Britta - Me - Annie - Stacy)

I love that man....cheesy but true :)

(Annie - Lori)

(Stacy - Jonny)

(Steve - Jonny)

The view from the house we stayed in while in Port Gamble.   Not bad.

(Britta - Erik)
At the rehearsal.  I loved Britta's dress!

The view out of the front door of the church.  This place could not have been more picturesque.

At the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  Another great view.  The Seattle area is certainly not lacking beautiful scenery.

(Krysta - Annie - Britta - Steph - Leah - Lori - Stacy - Me)
Love these girls!

The happy couple

These are the 2 houses that we rented.  Britta was in the brown one and we were in the green one.  It was so nice the morning of the wedding to be able to just walk to the brown house to get ready while all the guys could hang out in the other one.

Let the getting ready begin!

Britta and her mom

I loved Britta's hair!

Britta and the bridesmaid's bouquets.  I loved these as well.

You can't see them very well but our husbands played some baseball while we were getting ready.  They were also on the hunt that morning to find a restaurant that served Swedish pancakes, ha!  I love that they get along so well.

Looking beautiful and all ready to go!

Helping Britta into the car

(Lori - Me - Annie - Stacy)
We are ready to go too!

The coolest boutineers I have ever seen!

The guys hanging out

(Kenny - Chris - Scott - Jonny)

Stacy and Annie waiting on the church front steps for the guests to start arriving.

Britta and Erik coming back from taking pictures around the town.

The front of the church.  Such a pretty place to get married.

The view across the street from the church.  You can't see it very well but Mt. Rainier is just above the tree line in the middle.  It was a beautiful day for a wedding: sunny, clear and the perfect temperature.

The flower girl baskets

The church is all ready to go!

Erik waiting for Britta

We are all ready too!

The beautiful bride!

Kenny skyping to Britta's sister in Turkey.

Hanging out after the wedding

Off to the reception in style!
Seattle Part 3 coming up.....the reception!

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