Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Seattle...Part 1

At the end of August, Scott and I went to Seattle to celebrate the wedding of Erik and Britta!  It was a great time with friends, seeing a city we had never been before and much needed break from Addison and Caroline for me!  I love my girls but I need a vacation away from my job just as much as anyone else does and it was a great vacation!  Also, I now only have 2 more states to visit now that I have crossed Washington off the list before I have been to all 50 states.  Oregon and Hawaii are the last ones.  It was frustrating to be so close to Oregon but it will be nice to go back to that area some day because it was beautiful.
A sneak peak of Mt. Rainer from the plane when we flew into Seattle.

The time change worked in our favor because we were up bright and early to start sightseeing.  First up, Pike's Place Market.  A must see for any tourist.  I have to say, I thought there would be a little more to it but it was worth seeing nonetheless.

We did not see anyone throwing the fish but I imagine this is where it would have taken place.

They had lots of beautiful flowers that were being sold.

Then we took a walk along the water.  This is looking out into the Puget Sound from downtown Seattle.

A view of the city from a pier.

I loved the charm that Seattle had.

There was even a little park with this waterfall in the middle of the city.

Up next was a duck tour (tour by land and water!) with people who were in town for the wedding.  It was a great way to hang out with friends and see a lot of the key points of the city.

The tour started at Gas Works Park.

View from the park

Our duck tour guide

The Space Needle.  I am sure you didn't need me to label this one.

Happy bride and groom :)

View of Gas Works Park from the duck which was in Lake Union at that point.

Sleepless in Seattle house

A plane landing on the lake

Me and Sheri, always love seeing her!

Troll under the bridge

I believe we were singing YMCA at this point.  It was a fun duck tour :)

And I consider this to be a "celebrity" sighting.  It is the Wizard which is a boat from the show Deadliest Catch.  It was in Seattle for a paint job.

Part 2 coming soon......

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